Service Outage

20:09 CET / 11:09 PST

Hi everyone,

We’re currently suffering an unexpected service disruption that’s affecting all of SoundCloud. The team is hard at work to get everything back to normal as quickly as possible, and we’ll keep you posted here as more details become available.

20:53 CET / 11:53 PST

Hey everyone. Service is returning to normal, although some users may still see sporadic problems with certain features for the time being.

22:56 CET / 13:56 PST

To provide a few more details on our outage earlier today, starting at 17:42UTC we started to experience a DDoS attack. By 18:45UTC we were able to restore service to normal operation, and service has been stable since. Thanks again for your patience and understanding during this disruption.

Stability Trouble

23:00 CET / 14:00 PST

Hey everybody,

We’ve received several user reports of trouble loading SoundCloud, and our engineers are currently working to get service restored to everyone. We’ll update you here when we have more information.

23:10 CET / 14:10 PST

Hey again. Service is now being restored to everyone affected by the current instability, but it may take some time for everything to be completely normal for some of you. Thanks again for sticking with us!


9:13 AM CET / 00:14 AM PST

Hey everyone, an internal balancing system has just failed, which has prevented SoundCloud from loading. We’re working on restoring it as soon as possible. We’ll post more updates here.

9:29 AM CET / 00:29 PST

We’re slowly starting to recover from this, but are still finishing up this rollback. We’ll post again when all is clear!

9:37 AM CET / 00:37 PST

We’re back! The issue was that our configuration management service upgraded an internal balancing system, which wasn’t meant to cause incompatibility, but did. We fixed this issue by returning the system to its correct state and configuration. Apologies for any inconvenience that caused.

Thanks for your patience, everyone! 

Deploys/updates made from April 29 - May 11

Hey everyone,

Here are some of the changes we’ve been making lately:

  • Major changes coming to Classic.
  • Updated copy about stats and spotlight on the Pro page.
  • Fixed Explore top categories.
  • Waveform bug fixes.
  • Retina AppStore badges.
  • Message tab in share panel should be visible only for signed in users.
  • Some general style fixes here and there.
  • Fixed bug in which Likes failed to display in the sidebar.
  • Now hiding Likes sidebar modules for profiles with no Likes.
  • Message compose box should no longer have margin when showed in modal.
  • New tabbed Upload / Edit interface.
  • Likes are now shareable from the Likes page.

Deploys/updates made from April 7 - April 28

Hey there,

Here are a whole bunch of changes we’ve made recently:

  • Private sharing has been revised. Here's more information on the changes.
  • Fixed users-list not rendering.
  • Fixed search page suggestions.
  • Dropbox links are no longer redirected to v1.
  • Added buffering states for play/pause buttons.
  • Visual fixes for group network page.
  • URLs with ‘#play’ will now autoplay that page.
  • Dropbox links are no longer redirected to Classic error page.
  • Fixed links on search suggestions in header.
  • Removed ‘Who to follow’ dismiss button.
  • Fix upload page for anonymous users.
  • Bugfixes for sound edit page.
  • Removed the /people and /genre pages.
  • Added podcasting option to upload / edit pages.
  • Reverted to “Go Mobile” logout screen, removed “surprised to be logged out” message.
  • Fixed playlist upload saving issues.
  • No longer forcing Safari to Flash.
  • Added Bandpage integration.
  • Added permalink editing to upload page.
  • Stats: now showing full country name next to city.
  • Fixed the hover state for global volume controls.
  • Logout message for heartbleed security issue.
  • Fixed share modal for profiles.
  • Stats: fix US states on top cities.
  • You can now reset secret links for private tracks in the share modal.

Thanks for reading!


15:24 CET/ 06:24 PST

Hey everyone,

We are currently experiencing some instability issues. Our developers are investigating and working hard to restore the site. Stick with us, this should be resolved soon. 

We will be providing updates here as soon as we know more. Thank you for your patience!

Update: 15:36 CET/ 06:36 PST

Thanks for your patience, we are now stable and back up!

Read-only Mode Today 11am CET/ 2am PST

Hi everybody,

Today at 11am CET/ 2am PST we will be going into read-only mode. This means that the following features will be unavailable:

  •  downloads
  •  likes
  •  comments
  •  reposts
  •  uploads
  •  profile editing
  •  registering

Stats will continue to be counted during this time.  We’ll keep you updated on here and let you know when we’re finished.

12:03am CET/ 3:03am PST

We’re now out of read-only mode. Thanks for your patience!

Deploys/updates made from March 17 - April 6

Hey everybody,

Long time no see! Here are some of the changes we’ve made recently:

  • Comedy Month!
  • Fixed missing icons on stats header.
  • Added hashtags.
  • Fixed broken playlist listen page when coming from playlist tags page.
  • Stats: removed 7 days minimum time range limit.
  • Stats: show totals for a given day on hover/tap.
  • Fix for play button stuck in pause mode.
  • Fixed white background for edit and buy buttons on mini stats.
  • Makes visuals 400px high.
  • New onboarding.
  • Fix mobile apps buttons display cut off.
  • No longer remove numbers from uploaded file names.
  • Max page width.
  • Removed Who’s Online box from stream page.

Happy listening!

Service Slowdown

18:24PM CET/ 10:24AM PT

Hi everyone,

We’re currently working through a backlog that has caused service to slow. We’re in the process of recovering, but you may still continue to see some delays and failed page loads as we work on the issue.

We’ll have everything back to normal as quickly as we can, and we really appreciate your patience and understanding.

19:34PM CET/ 11:34AM PT

The backlog has been cleared, and service should now be fully restored. Thanks for sticking with us, and happy listening!

Facebook Sharing Outage

00:34AM CET/ 16:34PM PT

Hey everybody,

We’re investigating reports of trouble sharing SoundCloud tracks to Facebook and playing tracks that have been shared previously.

Our engineers are looking into the issue further, and we’ll have things back to normal as soon as we can.

Thanks for your understanding! We’ll provide updates here as more information becomes available.

02:04AM CET/ 18:04PM PT

Everything’s been sorted out with Facebook, and tracks should now display and play correctly. Thanks for your patience, and happy listening!